Not your granddad's hankie.

We Do Pocket Squares Differently.

We select fabrics that are texture rich, artfully designed and eye catching.  We produce in limited quantities to preserve the authenticity and uniqueness of each line. 


It really does matter. We make it easy to manage, sizing in at 9.25" squares. (Sometimes they may be a touch smaller, depending on the fabric.)



No silk on our site - we seek out rich, textured, unexpected fabrics that you won't see in anyone else's pocket.  

Limited Runs.

We limit the number of squares in production for each fabric so that only a handful of lucky folks can sport the same line. Uniqueness continues.


Our signature hand-finished frayed edge takes our artists a great deal of time and skill to finish off the Foxtale look. We love it.  


Enjoy Our New Breed of Classic.