a new breed of classic.

About Us

Foxtale Finery is the result of two siblings and a husband coming together two years ago with the idea of bringing flavor with a modern feel to the pocket square. Independently, the three of us have always wanted a business of our own. A million ideas later, we had an 'ah ha' moment.....

Unenthusiastic with the size, material, and variety of the traditional pocket square, we saw promise with our idea. John's access to designer fabrics paved the way when he walked in from work carrying a fabric sample and said, "now THIS would be an awesome pocket square." John and Damon started wearing swatches of fabrics in their jackets, loved the look, comments started rolling in, and we realized we may be on to something.

We spent many nights sitting around the kitchen island with The Rat Pack playing on the record player, a bottle of wine opened, and we let the creative process do its thing. Our Southern roots gave drive to the flavor of the business and our appreciation for the finer things brought detail and attention to our pocket squares like no other. Each square is hand-finished in Roswell, Georgia and sent to your mailbox with the utmost attention to detail and care.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

That's our foxtale.

Katie, Damon, & John